Environmental Justice and the Green Economy

A Vision Statement, Recommendations, and Tools for Communities

Endorse Statement on Environmental Justice and Stimulus March 16, 2009

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We urge all supporters of environmental justice to sign on to Stimulating Environmental Justice: How the States Can Use Federal Recovery Funds to Build a Just and Sustainable Economy. This short document includes a Vision statement and Talking Points, Recommendations, and a state advocacy-focused Stimulus Resource Guide. The entire document can be read and downloaded through this blog site.

This statement is a potentially powerful way in which we can amplify and unify our voices across all our communities. We encourage you to incorporate and/or customize the Talking Points and Recommendations as they best fit your locality.

To endorse this statement, please send an email to penn@ace-ej.org with your name, title, and affiliation and whether you are endorsing as an individual or organization. We also encourage you to send any comments or questions about the statement to the same address.

A periodically updated list of endorsers will be posted on our WordPress blog site at https://ejstimulus.wordpress.com.


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