Environmental Justice and the Green Economy

A Vision Statement, Recommendations, and Tools for Communities

Vision Endorsers March 14, 2009


To endorse this statement, please send an email to penn@ace-ej.org with your name, title, and affiliation, and whether you are endorsing as an individual or organization. This statement and a list of endorsers are also available at https://ejstimulus.wordpress.com.

Below is a selected list of organizational and individual endorsers of Stimulating Environmental Justice. This list is periodically updated.

Working Group Organizations:

  • Bill Gallegos, Executive Director, Communities for a Better Environment (Los Angeles)
  • Roger Kim, Executive Director, Asian Pacific Environmental Network (Oakland)
  • K.A. Owens, Chairperson, Kentuckians For The Commonwealth
  • Kalila Barnett, Executive Director, Alternatives for Community & Environment (Boston)
  • Denise Perry, Director, Power U (Miami)
  • Peggy Shepard, Executive Director, and Cecil Corbin-Mark, Deputy Director, West Harlem Environmental Action
  • Diane Takvorian, Executive Director, Environmental Health Coalition (San Diego)
  • Donele Wilkins, Executive Director, Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice

Organizational Endorsers:

Communities for a Better Environment
Los Angeles, CA
Bill Gallegos, Executive Director

Asian Pacific Environmental Network
Oakland, CA
Roger Kim, Executive Director

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth
K.A. Owens, Chairperson

Alternatives for Community & Environment
Boston, MA
Kalila Barnett, Executive Director

Power U
Miami, FL
Denise Perry, Director

West Harlem Environmental Action
Peggy Shepard, Executive Director

Environmental Health Coalition
San Diego, CA
Diane Takvorian, Executive Director

Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice
Detroit, MI
Donele Wilkins, Executive Director

Environmental Justice Resource Center
Clark Atlanta University
Robert D. Bullard, Ph.D.

Native Action
Lame Deer, Montana
Gail Small, Exec. Director

Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles
Robin Cannon, President

Childhood Lead Action Project
Providence, RI
Laura Brion, Community Organizer

National Center for Healthy Housing
Columbia, Maryland
Rebecca Morley, Executive Director

Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island
Amelia Rose, Lead Organizer

Center for Environmental Health
Oakland, CA
Charlie Pizarro, Associate Director

California Communities Against Toxics
Jane Williams, Executive Director

Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice
Penny Newman, Executive Director

Co-op Power

Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice
Bradley Angel, Executive Director

Arborway Committee
Boston, MA

Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race & Justice
Harvard Law School

Metropolitan Tenants Organization
Chicago, IL
John Bartlett, Executive Director

Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project
Mateo Nube, Director

SmartMeme Strategy & Training Project
Patrick Reinsborough, San Francisco
Doyle Canning, Boston

D7 Roundtable
Roxbury, MA

Boston Connects
Roxbury, MA

Oregon Environmental Justice Task Force
Will Collin, Chair

Oregon Toxics Alliance

BGGreen Partnership for a Sustainable Community
Nancy Givens, Co-Chair, Bowling Green, KY

WKU Center for Environmental Education and Sustainability
Bowling Green, KY

Individual Endorsers:
[Affiliations listed for identification purposes only.]

Yalonda Sinde
Co-Chair, Organizing People Activating Leaders (OPAL)
Portland, Oregon

Leslie G. Fields
National Environmental Justice and Community Partnerships Director
Sierra Club

Will Collin
Chair, Oregon EJ Advisory Group

James Jennings
Professor, Tufts University

Roxan McKinnon
Executive Director, City Life Vida Urbana
Jamaica Plain, MA

Brenda Dill
Black Infant Health Program
National City, CA

Linda Block
Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
Asheville, NC

LaToria Whitehead, MPH
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Colin Greer
Executive Director, New World Foundation

Dr. Daniel Faber, Director
Northeastern Environmental Justice Research Collaborative
Northeastern University

Doug Brugge
Professor, Tufts University

Daniel Goodenough
Professor, Harvard Medical School

Jennifer Krenz, MS
University of Washington

James Hoyte
Associate Vice President, Harvard University

Gwen Knotts
CEO for Knotts Family and Parenting Institute

Lelia M. Coyne
Lincoln, Nebraska


4 Responses to “Vision Endorsers”

  1. I’m proud to be part of a movement that continues to grow and change with the times. Thank you for the work you all are doing on this. I’m using it in my local organizing efforts in Portland, Oregon.

    Your sister in the struggle,

    Yalonda Sinde,
    Past Executive Director of the Community Coalition for Environmental Justice (CCEJ) in Seattle and current Board Co-Chair of Organizing People Activating Leaders (OPAL) in Portland, Or.

  2. Howard Ehrman, MD, MPH Says:

    This is a ground-breaking document which can be used as one of the foundations for building a mass, democratic movement for climate justice.

  3. mike cruz Says:

    Our organization proudly endorses the efforts of everyone involved in making sure that we educate our communities on the enviornment, and our responsability to make government and corporations accountable for actions that produce injustice to our communities and the enviornment.
    ” When we heal the Earth we heal ourselves”

  4. I concur. Being involved is like a stone that ripples in a pond. Once dropped it’s Karma is resounded through Mother Earth.

    Education is the Key to bringing about change. Myself, I am small and continue to look for funding while teaching on what I know has valued many who had given up hope for a healthier life. God is Great. Thanks for all you do in our communities.

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