Environmental Justice and the Green Economy

A Vision Statement, Recommendations, and Tools for Communities

Resources March 15, 2009

Here are some resources and links that may be helpful.

Green For All and PolicyLink report:
“Bringing Home the Green Recovery: A User’s Guide” (PDF)
An excellent primer explaining key leverage points and strategies available to advocates. Includes outlines for the many budget categories, agencies, and goals provided for in the Stimulus plan.

State sites for administering the Stimulus package, from Recovery.gov:
This subpage to Recovery.gov, the key destination site for the White House on the Stimulus package, links to a growing list of states’ Stimulus administration sites.

Progressive States Network resource page:
“Implementing the Recovery Plan”
A comprehensive list, by issue area, of resources for state legislators and advocates.

Apollo Alliance report:
“American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 – Opportunities for Cities and States” (PDF)
Memorandum identifying several steps for local advocates seeking to become involved in state-based Stimulus processes.

New York Times Interactive Map and article:
Stimulus Spurs Road Projects, Big and Small
Describes general approaches to state-based appropriations processes, with a sidebar describing various states’ transportation spending plans

Interactive Map from Center for American Progress:
Presents estimated block grant distributions by state, as calculated by the Center for American Progress.

White House Report on Jobs Created:
American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan: Job Impact by Congressional District (PDF)
Provides district by district numbers of jobs to be created as a result of the Stimulus Plan.

Article from Stateline.org:
“Governors to Track Stimulus Money”
Describes governors’ panels to administer Stimulus funds. Includes a sampling of how some governors are preparing for their Stimulus package, ie:
• Kansas Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ task force made up of state Cabinet officials and legislative leaders has already met to discuss potential projects.
• Maine Gov. John Baldacci (D) has launched a Web site to track how funds are being used.
• Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) appointed 26 people to a new “economic stimulus coordination council.”
• Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle (D) is looking for ideas for projects on http://www.recovery.wisconsin.gov.

Progressive States Network Podcast:
Informative podcast of national advocates’ summaries of the Stimulus package. Identifies key opportunities for advocates concerned with lower income and vulnerable communities.

Center for Social Inclusion Talking Points:
“Economic and Housing Recovery for Everyone: Racial Equity and Prosperity”
Talking points, statistics, and source citations focused on economic justice, housing, and foreclosure issues related to the Stimulus package.

Applied Research Center Resource List:
“Resources Page on the National Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act” (PDF)
Lists helpful documents from organizations such as Green For All, PolicyLink, and others, relevant to advocates interested in framing their work through racial justice approaches.


One Response to “Resources”

  1. This is a fantastic website and a great resource! We received ARRA funding for our EJ project in Bayview Hunterstpoin, San Francisco called the EcoCenter at Herons Head Park, a project of Literacy for Environmental Justice. We received stimulus funding for our Living Roof, Rainwater Catchment, and Constructed Wetlands!

    Check out our blog: ecocenterheronshead.blogspot.com/

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